I Care about your Care Giving

Did you Know that most caregivers have the worst sleeping patterns due to constantly worrying about how their parents are doing . I am one right now dealing with this issue, I wake up three times a night and dont want to take anything to help me sleep in case I need to rush to ER

I do put on Lavender oils and take warm baths to calm my nerves . EatingĀ  healthy Foods that are rich in vitamins are very important .

For example I made a bunch of broccoli the other night and made enough for the following day too,., I like a twist of lemon on it the next day and I keep it crisp ,so I am not loosing the healthy Goodness in the food.
I Love smoothies That I make at Home ..I like nutmeg , cinnamon , honey and fresh fruit . Sometimes a scoop of Caties Greens Or her Vitamin C Powder that is the Best! if you have a minute check it out! http://catiesorganics.com/ref/lorigurin

Author: lorigurin

Great to Meet you all , I look forward to sharing some Healthy Tips to get you through the day and make life easier . I am a California Native and Love All people , we are on this planet to help each other and learn . I will be back soon to get started. Have a Beautiful Day!

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