Janet Jackson at Lake Tahoe was a Great Summer Treat!

Hi Folks ,

It s Been a while since I posted anything  I drove to Lake Tahoe to go Hiking and get Rest , I ended up going to see Janet Jackson at The Harvey outdoor concert and had a Blast  . I bought a Great ticket and was able to get to the front row and Dance all night . Im now going to learn to Dance Much Better for her next event. There is Something Healing about listening to Janet Jackson s Music . I feel it and my body wants to keep moving . I hiked up to Grass Lake and all over Tahoe for hours , Laying on Rocks under the smoke and sun and bathing in the beautiful water ,spirit blessed me with . I feel so much better  and want to make a difference in the world . I am going to start writing another work on several Great Projects . I Love you all and wanted to say Hello and I LOVE YOU!

What did you do this Summer and how did it make you feel.

Miles of Smiles & Love

Lori G

Hiking. Biking , Fishing
Hiking in Lake Tahoe

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Great to Meet you all , I look forward to sharing some Healthy Tips to get you through the day and make life easier . I am a California Native and Love All people , we are on this planet to help each other and learn . I will be back soon to get started. Have a Beautiful Day!

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